Boxall Profile F.A.Q.

What is the Boxall Profile assessment?

The Boxall Profile provides a framework for the precise assessment of children and young people’s social and emotional aptitudes. It provides staff with insights and suggests points of entry into the child's world, allowing teachers to think about what lies behind their student’s behaviour, and how to plan accordingly.

“The Boxall Profile gives us a structure to look at young people’s behaviour, to discuss it constructively and plan together what we can do about it. We have not discussed our pupils as positively as this before.” – Secondary School Teacher, London.

How does it work?

The Boxall Profile is, from a practical point of view, very easy to use. The two-part checklist, which is completed by staff who know the child best in a classroom situation, is quick — and, very importantly, it is constructive.

On completion, the scores of each individual student are compared to the standardised emotional literacy scores of children and young people of a similar age group.

Individualised, achievable targets for social and emotional aptitudes are then set for the student in the form of a personalised Individual Learning Plan which can be reviewed and re-assessed periodically as a whole-school approach.

What ages does the Boxall Profile cover?

Ages 4 to 18. There are two Boxall Profile Tests - one for children (nursery/primary school pupils), and the other for young people (secondary school students), which the online BP automatically selects according to the date of birth inputted.

Can the Boxall Profile be used in mainstream classrooms?

Yes. The strategies suggested by the Boxall Profile can be effectively incorporated into the routines of a mainstream classroom. 30 percent of the 8000+ BP online assessments in the academic year 15/16 were for children solely attending mainstream classrooms.

Can the Boxall Profile be used for research purposes?

Yes. The Boxall Profile has been used in over 60 academic studies to date. In 2011, Couture, Cooper and Royer conducted a study of the concurrent validity between the Boxall Profile and the Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire with 202 students aged 3-14 years. They concluded that the BP and the SDQ measure comparable features in children and adolescents, and that “the statistical evidence suggests that the BP is suitable for use in a research context.” The normal, borderline and abstract summaries used in the online BP are based on this study.

I need help with using this platform

You can find answers to the most frequent asked questions with a quick search in our Help Centre here or by reading the Guide available on many of the platform' pages.

For online training on how to use the Boxall Profile Online website and assessment (basic competencies), please click here.

For face to face support on how to use the Boxall Profile Online platform, please write to us about it here.

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