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About The Boxall Profile

The Boxall Profile is an invaluable resource for the assessment of children and young people's social, emotional and behavioural development.

The two-part checklist, which is completed by staff who know the child and young person best, is quick — and, very importantly, identifies the levels of skills the children and young people possess to access learning. Many children in school are insecure about their worth, often not able to articulate their feelings. Instead they show their discomfort by withdrawal, achieving much less than they could, not making good relationships.

Others may act out their feelings of anger and failure by minor or major acts of disrupting the progress of others. Whatever the behaviour, the result is that they do not get positively engaged in education. Understanding what lies behind this can make all teachers much more confident in their class management, which is where the Boxall Profile comes in.

To read more, download your copy of the Boxall Profile booklet here.

The Boxall Profile helps with:

Early identification and assessment

Supporting staff to develop their observational skills and their understanding of children and young people's difficulties.

Target setting and intervention

Setting individualised, achievable targets that reinforce target behaviour and skills.

Tracking progress

Helping staff review children and young people's target behaviour.

How The Boxall Profile Online Works

There are two Boxall Profile® Tests - one for children (nursery/primary school pupils), and the other for young people (secondary school students), which the Online Boxall Profile® automatically sets according to the date of birth inputted by the member of staff. On completion, the scores of each individual child are compared to the standardised emotional literacy scores of "competently functioning" children of a similar age group.

Individualised, achievable targets for social and emotional aptitudes are then set for the child which are reviewed and re-assessed periodically. Both profiles have two sections, each consisting of a list of 34 descriptive items.

Section I: Developmental strands

This measures progress through the different aspects of development in the child's early years- the first assessing the child and young person's organisation of their learning experiences, the second, their internalisation of controls.

Section II: The diagnostic profile

This consists of items describing behaviours that inhibit or interfere with the child's satisfactory involvement in school- self-limiting features, undeveloped behaviour and unsupported development. They are directly or indirectly the outcome of impaired learning in the earliest years. The earlier such children are identified the greater the hope of being able to address and remediate their social, emotional and behavioural difficulties by offering patient and supportive teaching.

Boxall Profile Online functionality includes:

"The Boxall Profile helped us gain a positive language. To identify where a child is in different areas in their development... It helped staff to look more perceptively, to think where does this behaviour come from?"

Primary School Headteacher, London

Tokens for individual users

A top-up option for users looking to assess a small number of pupils in their setting

1 token = 1 assessment and 1 learning plan

Yearly subscription for individual schools

from 45p per pupil excluding VAT

Unlimited assessments & learning plans
Unlimited number of staff joining the subscription

Choose the best subscription depending on the number of pupils assessed:

The subscription will automatically renew every year for uninterrupted use, however, the renewal can be cancelled at any time.

If you have more than 2,000 pupils in your organisation, please get in touch for more information.

Multiple subscriptions

For multi-academy trusts and local authorities looking to purchase yearly subscriptions for several organisations.

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Why recommend it?

The Boxall Profile® Online is the most popular measurement tool used in schools to identify children and young people’s particular mental health needs and has been cited by the Department for Education, as well as highlighted in the Department for Education’s 2018 Mental health and behaviour in schools advice. For more information, click here.

The Boxall Profile® Online was originally used to assess the social, emotional and mental health needs of children and young people in nurture groups. It evolved soon after that into a whole-setting assessment.

When used across the whole-school, the Boxall Profile® Online is able to uncover undiscovered moderate SEMH needs in pupils. Now you see us, a study into using the Boxall Profile® Online across the whole-school, found 26% of SEMH needs that would have otherwise remained hidden. When support was put in place following Boxall Profile® Online assessment, the study found that after just five months there was a 23% decrease in the number of students displaying these needs. According to the same study, organisations that assessed all their pupils say the time taken to assess was worthwhile with 92% of them saying they would recommend the approach.

Using the Boxall Profile® is the best way to identify and address these hidden issues, to ensure that every child and young person gets the support they need to engage fully with their education.

Boxall Profile® assessments are not designed as a diagnostic tool for specific mental health conditions, learning difficulties or developmental difficulties. Instead, assessments are designed to help professionals understand and work more effectively with children and young people, in a way that's sensitive to the needs of the child or young person being assessed.

In educational settings across the world, the Boxall Profile® Online’s ability to generate unique lesson plans tailored to each child’s specific SEMH needs is helping educational professionals to support and promote the emotional wellbeing of children and young people. The Boxall Profile® Online’s unique features are the ideal support to effectively tackle individual challenges as well as evidence levels of need across groups.

The Boxall Profile® was developed over fifty years ago by the educational psychologist Marjorie Boxall. Since then, the assessment has gained a long lasting evidence-based reputation. The ongoing development of the Boxall Profile® Online is our charity's commitment to support professionals in understanding underlying needs of children and young people and to improve access to education for all.

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